About Us

Healthy Soil Healthy Environment will create a soil health education and outreach network comprised of Ohio State researchers and OSU Extension faculty and educators. The program’s long-term goal is to help improve Ohio’s soil health and  environment by educating farmers, youth and the general public. “Soil health” refers to the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans and maintains environmental quality. Thus, healthy soil can increase farm productivity while reducing negative environmental impacts.  

During the past half century, Ohio State researchers have developed practical solutions that farmers could use to better manage their soils. Examples include long-term no-till studies in Wooster, recent cover crop studies in Piketon and long-term soil drainage research at Hoytville. This vast knowledge base will be made available through the Healthy Soil Healthy Environment program. The team members of the program include Ohio State University researchers who are involved with current research to improve Ohio's soil health.