1. Dr. Rattan Lal

    Ohio State soil scientist awarded World Food Prize

    Jun 15, 2020

    Over five decades, Rattan Lal, a Distinguished University Professor in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), has reduced hunger by pioneering agricultural methods across the globe that not only restore degraded soil but also reduce global warming. Read more at

  2. A flooded field

    2019 Challenges Linger

    Mar 12, 2020

    As farmers are preparing for the 2020 cropping season, the challenges of 2019 may still linger.  There are basically 3 scenarios which will influence 2020 cropping practices.

  3. Do you have questions about cover crops on Prevented Planting acres? 

    Jun 24, 2019

    Hardin County – Do you have questions about what cover crops should be used on Prevented Planting acres?  Do you have concerns about weed control for unplanted fields?  What are the rules regarding crop insurance and planting forages to be used for grazing, cutting, and haying for livestock?  Get these and other questions answered this Thursday, June 27.  The Ohio No-Till Council, in cooperation with OSU Extension will host a meeting at Ohio Northern University Mcintosh Center in Ada. The address is 402 West College Avenue, Ada, Ohio 45810.  The meeting will be from 6:30 to 9:00 pm

  4. Article snapshot

    Can Soil Microbes Slow Climate Change?

    Mar 29, 2019

    Scientific American recently published a news article discussing the role Microbes may play in Climate Change mitigation. The article showcases work of Dr. David Johnson of New Mexico State University. He reocmmends that "to tip the soil’s fungal-to-bacterial ratio strongly toward the fungi". "As the ratio of fungi to bacteria increases, the soil biome becomes more efficient in utilizing carbon and other nutrients and that the soil therefore releases less CO2 to the atmosphere." In general, good soil health practices promote fungi growth in agroecosystems.

  5. Soil Health Conference

    Soil Health - Human Health Conference 2018

    Mar 18, 2019

    By Vinayak Shedekar
    The Conference on Connections Between SOIL HEALTH & HUMAN HEALTH was organized Oct. 16-17, 2018 at Silver Spring, Maryland. Here is a series of videos from the conference. 

    Details of the conference are at:

    Watch Videos of all presentations at: 

  6. International Workshop and Field Day on Climate-smart Agriculture in Ukraine

    Nov 30, 2018

    By Dr. Tom Worley
    OSU South Centers Director
    and Alan Sundermeier
    Wood County Extension Educator

    Within the framework of the Civilian Research Defense Foundation (CRDF)-funded Ukrainian-US project entitled “Impact of sustainable agricultural management practices on soil quality and crop productivity,” workshops and meetings were organized in Kherson, Ukraine as part of International Field Day “XXI century - Climate-Smart Agriculture.” 

  7. Applied Research and Extension Outreach in Northeast China

    Nov 30, 2018

    By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

    The Ohio State University is actively involved in capacity building of the research, education, and Extension activities at the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences-Jiamusi located in the Peoples Republic of China. 

  8. Ohio State University One Health Day Symposium 2018

    Nov 30, 2018

    By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

    Dr. Rafiq Islam attended and delivered a presentation entitled “Rethinking Agriculture in the 21st Century: Growing Healthy Food with One Health Vision” at the Plenary Session of the Ohio One Health Symposium, which was held at Drake Performance and Event Center on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus on November 1-2.

  9. Soil, Water, and Bioenergy Resources Program hosts CRDF-sponsored visiting scholar from Ukraine, Sergiy Lavrenko

    Nov 30, 2018

    By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

  10. Fullbright Scholar Program report released

    Nov 27, 2018

    In 2016, The Ohio State University Office of International Affairs partnered with the Office of Research and Planning to assess the Fulbright Scholar Program. The Office of International Affairs has released a full-length report detailing the findings of the study and outlining recommendations going forward.

    Below you can access the full report, a one-pager of the Executive Summary and Recommendations, and an endorsement letter from Executive Vice President and Provost Bruce McPheron and Vice Provost for Academic Programs W. Randy Smith.