Applied Research and Extension Outreach in Northeast China

Nov. 30, 2018

By Dr. Rafiq Islam
Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

The Ohio State University is actively involved in capacity building of the research, education, and Extension activities at the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences-Jiamusi located in the Peoples Republic of China. 

Dr. Rafiq Islam and Ken Ford (Fayette County Extension Educator) from The Ohio State University; Drs. Ismail Dweikat and Oscar Rodriguez from University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Drs. Sougata Bardhan and Safiullah Pathan from University of Missouri and Lincoln University-Missouri visited China at the invitation of the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences during August-October of 2018. 

Dr. Islam led the visit. All of the experts from the United States delivered professional presentations on climate change and crop productivity, corn and soybean breeding, soil amendments, bio-fertilization, and Extension outreach activities.
Based on their acquired experience with Chinese agricultural management practices, Dr. Islam and others have developed an applied research and Extension outreach coordination with scientists at the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences–Jiamusi Branch in 2014. As a part of their effort, they have established a long-term applied research project entitled “Tillage and Cropping Systems Impact on Soil health and Agroecosystem Services.” 

Several of the OSU Extension Educators, scientists, and faculty members visited the Chinese academy to further strengthen the bridge of collaboration. Likewise, several exchange scientists and students from the Chinese academy visited The Ohio State University to acquire science-based knowledge on 21st century climate-smart agriculture.