Study Looks at Soil Health Perceptions in the Agricultural Community

Dec. 28, 2020

How do you define "soil health"? How does that compare to the ways others might define it? A recent study led by former Ohio State PhD student and postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Jordon Wade, took a closer look at how the agricultural community perceives and accesses soil health. Results of the study are available at Soil Health Nexusa university-led team dedicated to increasing access to research-based soil health knowledge, extension and resources.  

The blog post “How do we collectively conceptualize “soil health” and how do we use that to guide meaningful research and extension?” was written by Jordon WadeMargaret Beetstra, and Steve Culman.  

The researchers asked several key questions:

  • How important is soil health to farmers?
  • On what soil health concepts is there general agreement?   
  • How useful do farmers find current soil health tests?

Read about the study's key takeaways here.