Know Your Plant Requirements

Know what your plant needs from your soil.Plants vary in their nutrient requirements, optimal pH, and tolerance of standing water or shade. To make the best decisions for planting and soil health management you should be knowledgeable about your plant requirements and your soils’ ability to meet those. Urban gardeners can choose species of vegetables or landscaping plants that are able to thrive in the sunlight and drainage conditions specific to their own backyard conditions. A field crop farmer should make fertilization choices based on the level of nutrients typically used by the last crop grown and the needs of the crop to come. Ohio State supports resources to help with these decisions. Find several listed below. 

The Ohio State University Extension Publications Store

Visit this store for print or downloadable copies of these publications. Some publications require a purchase. 

  • Ohio Agronomy Guide
  • Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Alfalfa
  • Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers
  • Midwest Grape Production Guide
  • Midwest Strawberry Production Guide
  • Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide
  • Brambles Production, Management, and Marketing

Ohio State Extension Plant-Related Newsletters and Blogs

Ohio Agronomic Crops Network
The C.O.R.N. (Crop Observation and Recommendation Network) newsletter.

Horticultural Crops
VegNet newsletter presents timely topics on crop management methods, research and resources. 

Extension Nursery and Landscape Team
Buckeye Yard and Garden onLine 
Tips for homeowners and gardening enthusiasts. Photos and articles come from extension specialists and Master Gardener volunteers, creating excellent frequency and variety.

Other Resources

Ohioline provides Ohio-specific fact sheets. These are short, free educational publications on a variety of topics.

Your county extension office offers local programming and assistance. Find your county office here.