Other Resources -- Ohio and Beyond

Soil health is a critical impact for many areas of agronomy, horticulture, and natural resources, with ties to entomology, plant pathology, engineering, chemistry, and many other disciplines. This site focuses primarily on soils as a growing medium. Below are a list of Ohio State departments, labs and websites that may also be of interest.

Ohio State Resources

Agronomic Crop Concerns

  • Soil Fertility Lab https://soilfertility.osu.edu/
    Tri-state fertility guidelines, current research on soil organic matter, calcium amendments, and more.
  • Ohio Agronomic Crops Network agcrops.osu.edu
    Home of the C.O.R.N. newsletter, and links to state specialists, researchers, and county educators involving with agronomic crop production.
  • Ohio Composting and Manure Management ocamm.osu.edu/research

Horticultural Crops

  • VegNet newsletter presents timely topics on crop management methods,research and resources.

Urban Agriculture Concerns 

  • Ohio State’s Damaged Soil Investigation, Restoration, and Treatment lab dirt.osu.edu provides management tips  and low-cost testing for urban soils that may have heavy metal contamination concerns. 

Sustainable Production

Ohio State Extension

Other Ohio Soil Health Resources

Regional and National Resources