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* Long-Term No-Till Impacts on Organic Carbon, Ohio soils

* Comparison of Permanganate-Oxidizable Carbon & Mineralizable Carbon for Assessment of Organic Matter Stabilization and Mineralization

* No adverse effect of moderate stubble grazing on soil quality and organic carbon pool in dryland wheat agro-ecosystems

* Evaluate soil quality and pasture biomass yield relationship in the semi-arid regions of Iran

* Effect of long term no-till and conventional tillage practices on soil quality

* Impacts of biosolids application on soil quality under alternate year no-till corn-soybean rotation

* Soil health as a predictor of lettuce productivity and quality:  A case study of urban vacant lots

The Effects of Soil Conservation Practices on Selected Soil Health Indicators

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* Successful Farming, January 2017 : Soil Health Tests

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Poster: Understanding Watershed Impact by Measuring Soil Organic Matter

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