Soil Organic Matter


Increased soil organic matter provides numerous related benefits to soil health.

  • enhances your soil's ability to absorb water, leading to less water stress during both dry and wet periods
  • provides better conditions and a food source for soil biota, leading to improved biodiversity;
  • enhances soil structure through better aggregation and water movement; 
  • improves nutrient retention and cycling. 

Key Strategies to increase soil organic matter

  • Add a perennial crop to your rotation. Recent research shows this is the most effective way to increase soil organic matter. The combination of long-term root growth in the soil and less disturbance creates ideal conditions for increased biomass and biological activity. 
  • Incorporate compost, manures, or other stable organic materials.
  • Grow and incorporate a cover crop. 
  • Add a sod crop to your rotation. 
  • Reduce tillage to provide less disturbance to soil biota and soil aggregates.